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You Power™ is a brand new United States Business Directory to promote Services, Products, and Parts Made in the United States.

You Power™ is for promoting both Business to Business, and Business to Consumer relations to increase trade within the United States.

You Power™ your business's search placement higher in the directory by utilizing a higher percentage of United States Parts and Labor.

You Power™ Fair Shake Results™ Businesses must have at least both 60% United States Parts and Labor to join the Business Directory.

You Power™ Network of websites allow you to place Job Openings and Apprenticeships in three distinctly different employment segments:

IndustrialBench.com™ for employees and apprenticeships in the Industrial and Commercial Industries.

UpdateOffice.com™ for office employees and management level positions.

Telecommute.me™ for at-home workers in the United States.

The Grand Opening is Coming Soon

Sign up your United States Business Today for a 6 month free trial after the opening of the Business Directory and Job Listing Networks. No credit card or payment required until after completion of the 6-month trial, then it is just $10 per month thereafter.

You Power™ Powers Your Privacy™. We do NOT sell or share your information with advertisers or spammers. We do NOT share information with tracking pixels from social networks, ad networks, or third-party analytics. We have firewalls in place to help block Foreign non-United States traffic.

This is a Network Made by Americans for Americans.

The You Power™ Network

United States Based Business Services

You Power™ the United States Gross Domestic Product (“GDP”).

Why do we send so many United States Dollars overseas when we can create jobs, parts and products MADE in the USA to generate new wealth to bring down our National Debt?

This is an opportunity for United States Businesses to work together helping raise our GDP to save our economy, and our Country, from the soaring debt.